Using his own photographs and video clips, Guy will take you on a trip through some of the most amazing places in the world, from desert to rainforest. He can also bring along live specimens for you to see.


Over the last 20 years Guy has travelled through India, Borneo, Africa, South America and Asia searching for tarantulas, photographing them and studying their habitats.


During these trips many fascinating animals are encountered from giant insects to amazing reptiles, amphibians and everything in-between. Often many new species of tarantula have been discovered too.


Lasting 1 hour, the talks will be suitable for Cubs, Scouts, Guides, photographic societies, women’s groups, natural history groups etc.


Subjects include:


‘Suriname: In Search of the World’s Largest Spider’


'Travels Through the Rainforests of the World'


'Bugs of the World'


'Tarantulas of the World'


‘Tarantulas - An Introduction’


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