A Basic Care Guide to Tarantulas

Guy Tansley
(Covers all aspects of tarantula care. From the creator of giantspiders.com)
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The Tarantula Keepers Guide
Stanley A Schultz and Marguerite J Schultz
Published by Barron's
ISBN: 0-7641-0076-9
(An excellent guide to all aspects of tarantula keeping.
Origins, anatomy and physiology. Breeding advice and notes
on collecting in the wild)
The Collins Gem Photo guide to Spiders
Paul Hillyard
Published by Harper Collins
ISBN: 0-00-470904-7
(Describes over 220 species from funnel web spiders, trapdoor spiders
and jumping spiders to the largest tarantulas. Excellent photos throughout)
Sex Determination of Immature Theraphosid Spiders From Their Cast Skins
Kathleen and John Hancock
ISBN: 0-9515324-0-5
(The title says it all, a comprehensive guide to sexing immature tarantulas)
Tarantulas and Other Arachnids
Samuel D Marshall
Published by Barron's
ISBN: 0-8120-9315-1
(Everything about selection, Care, Nutrition, Health, Breeding and Behaviour)
The Tarantula
William J Baerg
Recently re-published by Fitzgerald
ISBN: 09524083-09
(A reprint of a classic book first published in 1958 covering the authors
study of the life history of Aphonopelma hentzi)
Keeping and Breeding Tarantulas
Ronald N Baxter
Published by Chudleigh 
ISBN: 0-9519219-1-6
(Many species descriptions and breeding notes with excellent photographs)
Biology of Spiders
Rainer F Foelix
Published by Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0-674-07432-7
(The definitive book on spider biology)
Tarantulas: Keeping and Breeding Arachnids in Captivity
Kathleen and John Hancock
Published by R & A
ISBN: 1-872688-06-3
(Covering all aspects of arachnid care)
The Tarantula Classification and Identification Guide
Andrew M Smith
Published by Fitzgerald
ISBN: 0-951-0939-0-8
(Over 650 species of Theraphosidae listed)
Baboon Spiders: Tarantulas of Africa and the Middle East
Andrew M Smith
Published by Fitzgerald
ISBN: 09510939-7-5
(A revision of the Theraphosidae family from Africa and the Middle East)
Tarantula Spiders: Tarantulas of the USA and Mexico
Andrew M Smith
Published by Fitzgerald
ISBN: 09510939-9-1
(A study of the Theraphosidae family from North America)
An Introduction to the Tarantulas of South East Asia
Ray Hale
Published by R Hale
ISBN: 0-9530816-05
(A Study of the genus Haplopelma)
The Natural History of Spiders
Ken and Rod Preston-Mafham
Published by Crowood
ISBN: 1-85223-966-2
(Excellent photographs)
The Country Life Guide to Spiders of Britain and Northern Europe
Dick Jones
Published by Country Life
ISBN: 0-600-35665-5
(An illustrated field guide to British and European Spiders and Harvestmen)
Southern African Spiders
Martin R Filmer
Published by Struik
ISBN: 1-86825-188-8
(An identification guide to 63 families of spiders in South Africa)
Bert Brunet
Published by Reed
ISBN: 0-73010-486-9
(A comprehensive identification guide to Australian spiders)
Fangs for the Memories
Carl Portman
Published by Square One
ISBN: 1-8999-55-33-X
(An account on the search for tarantulas in Ecuador)

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