Common species in captivity:


A. mesomelas (O. P.-Cambridge, 1892) - Costa Rica
A stunning species as adults being overall brown/black with orange/red colouring to the patella of the legs. The black abdomen is clothed with red hairs and the carapace has a velvet-like appearance (some specimens show colour variation and some are more brightly coloured than others). Slightly nervous in temperament, it will benefit from a retreat and enough room to burrow if required although it prefers lower than normal temperatures and humidity. Due to it's desired colour, a much sought after species that remains relatively scarce in collections. 

A. peterklaasi Schmidt, 1994 - Costa Rica
Very similar in overall build to A
. mesomelas but darker in colouration, the legs having a reddish flash down the metatarsus of all the legs. Again, very velvet-like in appearance and nervous in disposition. Captive breeding is still rare so prices remain high.


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