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The King Baboon - Notes on rearing & problems mating


The King Baboon - First successful breeding?


Rearing the Giant Huntsman spider, Eusparassus walckenaeri


Stromatopelma calceatum - the use of the male scopulae brush during mating


Unexpected aggression in the male O. aureotibialis during mating


Rearing the large orb-weaver spider, Argiope lobata


The trouble with males (some advice on buying tarantulas)


Rearing the Meditteranean thorn-back spider, Cyrtophora citricola


Captive care of the red trapdoor spider, (Idiopidae)


Scuttle flies and their relationship with tarantulas


Captive breeding of the funnel web spider, Macrothele calpeiana by Luke Perry


Nematode worms and tarantulas


More problems breeding P. muticus - does a meat based diet cause egg development problems?


Observations of Chaetopelma olivaceum by Yinnon Dolev


Does breeding tarantulas reduce their lifespan? by Guy Tansley & Phil Messenger


Breeding Cyriopagopus albostriatus


Pamphobeteus antinous by Michal Toran


Mating and breeding P. cambridgei by Michal Toran


Infertile egg sac of Cyriopagopus lividus by Michal Toran


Breeding attempt of Brachypelma smithi by Michal Toran


Breeding Pterinochilus murinus by Michal Toran


20 days in Cambodia - is eating tarantulas sustainable?


Stromatopelma calceatum & Heteroscodra maculata:

Ghana field observations and breeding notes


Tarantulas of Costa Rica


Captive Care of Holothele incei


Breeding Lasiodora parahybana


Captive care and breeding of Psalmopoeus irminia


Zimbabwe 2015


Fossorial / arboreal tank build


Observations of Pterinochilus chordatus in Tanzania


Cast-skin sex determination of tarantulas - 'a what to look for' guide


Tarantulas of Suriname


Predation of Megaphobema mesomelas by a Wandering Spider (Ctenidae)

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