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(Updated 14th June 2024)


This web site (now in its 23nd year) gives an all-round guide to the housing, feeding and general care of the worlds largest spiders - the theraphosids or tarantulas.


Although focusing mainly on tarantulas, this site also offers an insight into the araneomorphs or ‘true spiders’ such as the wandering, huntsman, orb-web and wolf spiders.


There is no doubt that the fascination for tarantulas is growing worldwide and as a result, they are becoming more and more popular as pets. Gone are the days when people were inexperienced in their care and as time goes by, more facts are being discovered - all helping to dispel the popular myth of tarantulas being “deadly killers!”


The information contained on this site comes from over twenty five years of personal experience with tarantulas and I hope the facts about their care and the problems that can occur (although avoidable) proves beneficial to those who own, or are thinking of owning, one of these large and beautiful spiders.


Articles and Gallery will be updated regularly and if you would like to contribute to these pages, contact me.


giantspiders.com is available for educational tarantula talks and displays, providing an interactive experience for all age groups (museums, open days etc). Talks and displays are tailored to suit your needs and involve a large selection of live spiders, in-depth PowerPoint / KeyNote presentation with video clips that covers all aspects of these fascinating creatures. Topics include captive care, life cycle, mating and reproduction etc. Click here for further information.

14/06/24: Gallery updated with Davus ruficeps in habitat picture.


23/10/23: Gallery updated with Heterothele spinipes in habitat picture.


18/06/23: Gallery updated with Selenocosmia kovariki adult male picture.


09/04/23: Gallery updated with Neostenotarsus sp. Suriname in habitat picture.

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